Rubber Duck


Rubber Duck generally run small in sizes. For children sizes you should also allow for some extra space to grow in.

Please find size and approximate dimensions of the shoes insole in the scale below. Note that the inside dimensions of a shoe should be about 1-1,5 cm larger than the child's foot.
20=ca 12,1cm
21=ca 12,7cm
22=ca 13cm
23=ca 14cm
24=ca 14,6cm
25=ca 16cm
26=ca 16,6cm
28=ca 18cm
29=ca 18,6cm
30=ca 19,3cm
31=ca 19,9cm
32=ca 20,6cm
33=ca 21,3cm
34=ca 21,9cm
35=ca 22,6cm
  • Artikkel nummer 145439_110